Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tips of Success for the Engineering Students

Making the transition academically requires a student to realise the greater fulfilment of the same basing on which they are admitted to the Best Engineering University in India. Getting your engineering degree successfully completed is like offering yourself with a rewarding career. If you are looking for a career which challenging and pretty interesting along with being rewarding Best Engineering University in India and what they have to offer to the students.

Best Engineering University in India

The employment outlooks of the best engineering colleges are highly encouraging. Clearing it out for the students can have a huge spectrum of opportunities; the field expands to software engineering, hardware, environmental engineering and biomedical engineering etc.  Choosing among the best colleges gives you a competitive edge in the job market as well as in the society that you live in. There is no substitute for this great qualification when it comes to the expansion of what it leads towards many career possibilities.

There can be various possibilities of approach, which are sure to help the aspiring students find success on their way:

  • Identify the identities that inspire you and follow the inputs that they use and try to emulate their good traits in your personal, professional and scholastic life.
  •  Try to locate the flaws and fix them with your leadership skills with constant improvement.
  • Develop a portfolio of projects. With the learning opportunity which is allowed by a balanced schedule
  • Retain the knowledge you have gathered in class and apply them in your real life and boost your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Learn the value of networking. When it comes to being a leader in real life, practise makes the man perfect. So the more you get to explore this side of yours, the more you get used to it.
  • Fix your own flaws and indulge in constant improvement of your skill sets, communication and leadership. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Skill vs Management: How To Set Your Priorities

A lot has been written about the need for engineers, developers and other highly-skilled individuals in the technical field. However, results emerging from new studies have shown that businesses are increasingly looking for individuals with better interpersonal skills, letting the technical aspects take a back-seat. Is our education system well-equipped to keep up with this changing industrial trend?

While we should not stop teaching computer sceince and maths, it is about time that we start training our kids to engage and communicate, dress appropriately and then eventually arrive on time.

As per the results of a number of new surveys, employers today are not challenged simply by the lack of quality and talented software engineers and developers. The problem, in truth, is a far more deep-lying one!

In fact, the dearth of interpersonal skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication, along with an utter disregard for flexibility, appearance and punctuality seem to be a much bigger problem among the latest batch of individuals entering the job market.

As per a recent survey, it has been found that as many as 60% employers find individuals to be lacking interpersonal and communication skills. Twice as many employers reported a lack of soft skills over that of technical ones as the biggest gap among new employees at the entry level. Moreover, one in five employees have been found to lack interpersonal skills, flexibility, punctuality, appearance and a motivation in general.

The solutions that have been proposed so far for fixing the education system are not much help, truth be told! There are a number of agencies that promote learning at home, in front of your computer on a couch, wherever you like and as per your convenience. Any form of real life interaction and accountability is generally missing from such courses.

So how to create the right balance between collaboration and communication?

There are four C's that form an integral part of all twenty-first century skills: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. If the education ministry is able to have its way, these Cs will be tested at par with science, maths and the likes.

The SRM management course is tailored meticulously as per the industry dynamics and an ever-changing economic scenario. A two-year, semester-based program, the course offers industry internships that result in a structured project at the end of the academic year. Personality development is one aspect the course stresses on so that entry-level managers and professionals can look to enhance their interpersoanlity skills alongside everything else.

Ranked the no.1 private university in the country, SRM University has taken massive strides towards growing in the education sector while helping budding professionals enter the job market with the right skills in tow.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Why Hospitality And Hotel Management Is An Aspiring Career For Girls

Brief description of hotel management services

Regarded as a cardinal part of the hospitality industry, hotel management offers numerous employment opportunities. Moreover, owing to globalization increasingly gaining acceptance around the different countries, the hotel management industry is becoming increasingly global. With hotel chain owners opening new hotels across various cities of all sizes, the requirement for trained hotel management professionals is significantly huge. Although regarded as one of the most glamorous careers, hotel management requires professionals who are capable of keeping their cool in even the most challenging of situations.

Reasons why hotel and hospitality management is a sought-after career for female candidates

Hospitality is an increasingly flourishing industry offering plenty of growth opportunity for the aspiring professionals. The main reason why girls are looking to get into this sector is because it offers ample opportunity for growth as opposed to the other similar careers. While there can be numerous reasons for wanting to be  part of the hospitality sector, here we take a look at some of the top factors that has contributed to the growth.

It is a promising profession

Hotel management jobs not only offer immense opportunities in terms of growth but also a very promising career. It offers activities that are worth your time and attention, thus providing you the purpose that you have been looking for.

An opportunity to meet new people

What is the factor behind hospitality jobs being so exciting? Well, of course, it is the people! If you are an individual who loves working with and meeting new people, you won't be required to search for long for an aspect to love in your new profession. A career in hospitality and hotel management gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people from various countries and different backgrounds.

Lets your creativity come to the fore

This profession gives you an opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Be it entertaining guests or preparing delicious drinks or meals, a job in the hospitality sector will always allow students to make the most of their creativity. Opportunities in this field is not seemingly limited to just punching a clock.

Financially rewarding

As far as the hospitality sector is concerned, the media salaries are pretty good and can go up to the thirties. That translates to roughly an annual package of five lacs at the entry level of the career. The hotel management career offers significant annual increments and can even increase into six figures in a few years of time. A handsome earning and professional stability are some of the perks on offer from the hospitality management career.

An extremely marketable career

Tourists all over the world look forward to an enjoyable vacation thus leading to the creation of a wide array of job opportunities for the hospitality management industry. As a result, professionals need not search high and low for finding a job, they will come across one of their choice very easily. When you enter the hospitality management industry, the whole world is your home!

Does not require too much financial investment

While the cost of most professional courses continue to go through the roof, a good four-year degree from an accredited university and a successful trip through a professional culinary school is just about all that you need for getting the most out of your career. Moreover, some institutes allow you to complete the course in only three years which means you can save on the expenditure of an entire year.

Does not require lot of time

It is not only long-term degree courses that is on offer under the hospitality management stream but you can also opt for a short-term course and still successfully land a job. If you complete either two years in the professional stream or only one year of diploma, you can look forward to searching for a job and starting your career in the professional world.

Define your own responsibilities

The hotel management field is not a typical 9AM to 6PM profession. It involves a lot more than the usual jobs. When you are working in a profession that is people-based, it does not really involve too much of busy work. This is a field where you will also come across a number of new and unwanted situations. So each day you go to work in your profession is essentially a new day and a new experience.

A diverse working platform

The field of hospitality management is amazingly diverse, allowing professionals to work on numerous positions and places. Be it running a theme park or working for a brand club or some other form of management job, professionals in this stream get to explore as many options as they would want to.

Work is fun

When you are having fun at work, it shows that you love and are enjoying what you are doing. The hospitality management field is one that gives candidates enough opportunities to work and enjoy and also follow your passion with a significant amount of energy.

No need to wait for things to happen

Rather than wait for things to happen or settle down, this career will require professionals to be highly proactive in their work. Great success can only be achieved in the field when individuals are eager, forever ready and always on their toes. With jobs in this sector, your destiny lies in your own hands.

If you are thinking of a suitable institute in the country where you can kick-start your career with the hospitality management stream, think SRM! Ranked as the No.1 private university in the country, SRM offers hospitality management courses as well which have received special accolades from international universities. The Hospitality and Hotel Management course in Delhi NCR campus of this institute is one place where budding individuals can learn the ropes of the trade as far as the hotel and hospitality industry is concerned. So come, learn, leap and lead with SRM University!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

SRM University Ghaziabad Conducts Orientation For I Year B.Tech Students

The Ghaziabad campus of SRM University conducted an orientation program on the 31st of July, 2014 for their new batch of students admitted to the four-year B.Tech program. The event, held at the Easwari Auditorium of the campus, was presided over by the Honorable Chancellor of the University and other dignitaries. A description of what took place over the course of the program is given as under.

The day began with at 8.30 am with a Hawan or holy ceremony to mark the auspicious commencement of the occasion. It was still early hours and there were very few people around to be a part of the ceremony although a number of senior students and volunteers from the institute were present.

At 9.30 am, the Registration desk was opened. The new students who were to take part in the program were asked to register themselves at the counters. Student volunteers along with the faculty members were at hand to help the newcomers with the process.

The Orientation service got underway at 10.30 am with the Invocation of the holy spirit. This was followed by the Lightening of the Lamp by the dignitaries and a representative of the student council. Senior students of the institute then led the way in conducting the Saraswati Vandana while everyone inside the auditorium joined in.

At 10.50 am, all dignitaries present for this grand occasion were felicitated. The team included the likes of Dr. Sanjay Viswanathan, Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Dr. N. Sethuraman, Prof. T.P. Ganesan, Dr. Ranjana Dubey and the Honorary Chancellor, Dr. T.R. Pachamuthu.

As the clock struck 11.00 am Dr. Sanjay Viswanathan, Administrative Officer at the Delhi-NCR Campus of SRM University, read out the welcome address to the gathered students and their accompanying parents. This was followed by the presentation of the annual report by Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Director of SRM Delhi-NCR campus, highlighting the achievements of the erstwhile institute for the academic session 2013-14.

Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director of the E&T division at SRM University, Chennai, followed up the introduction with an address. He spoke of the various aspects of the institute that had helped in taking it to the very top of the national rankings. In the address, he highlighted the many feats and successes that engineers of this institution had achieved down the years and hoped that the new batch would succeed in carrying forward the tradition.

This was followed by addresses from Dr. N. Sethuraman, Registrar and Prof. T.P. Ganesan, Pro-Vice Chancellor at the Chennai campus of SRM University. They too welcomed the new faces to the institute and wished them a successful stay at the place.

Last but by no means the least was the inaugural address made by the Honorable Chancellor, Dr. T.R. Pachamuthu. He spoke of the mission and vision of the institute and the many plans he had for the future to take SRM to further unprecedented levels of success. He wished the newcomers success in life and asked them to feel comfortable at their "new home away from home."

It was around mid-day when Chief Superintendent of Exams, Dr. Ranjana Dubey delivered the vote of thanks. The event concluded as the National Anthem was played.

Finally, refreshments were served to the students and their parents gathered for the occasion as the student volunteers along with faculty members continued with their good job of maintaining order at the program.

SRM University is ranked India's No.1 private engineering institute and is considered to be at par with the IITs and NITs in the country. They have five campuses across the country with three of them in Chennai, one in the NCR region and the other in Sikkim.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Brighten your future with the Best College in Delhi- NCR

Best college in Delhi NCR
With competition rising significantly, the admissions in Best College in Delhi- NCR have taken substantial turn. Apart from the national universities, SRM can be considered to be the Best College in Delhi- NCR in Science & technology and associated fields. Education is a vital priority and needed for the ultimate good growth as a person. India has been a mighty education hub and there are thousands of good colleges to get admitted to. We are all aware of this fact that there is no shortcut to success other than education itself. Get to know what is best for you and choose the stream and subject of your choice. You will be able to find all the related things like universities, colleges, opportunities, and programs available online.

SRMIMT shines through the light of quality education, employs the best faculty members, and has been a part of SRM for over 40 years until now. According to The times of India, SRM University has ranked India’s no 1 multiple stream university as the Medical and engineering education frontiers. SRM University ranks among the top 5 in Tamil Nadu by the Outlook magazine. They have associations with international colleges and universities in USA, Korea, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, etc

A campus to die for- SRM undoubtedly comprises of a campus to dies for. With many acres of lush green land all over, located in Modinagar, on the Delhi- Meerut frontier the tropical features of the university are education friendly. With highly maintained roadways and campus, the academic building includes great playing grounds and academic blocks to make it even better for the students. The aroma of learning can be felt in and around the campus, which makes the college zone highly comfortable and compatible for the students.

Cultural activities take a lead- “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. With many co- curricular activities that the students involve in.  Education is important, but along with that, extra cultural activities and associated activities are important for a student. High involvement in these activities not only results to more interactive and engaging students, but also prepares them for a brighter tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Factors to be Considered While Choosing a Top College

best engineering college

One of the most important thought that strikes us before entering college is which college or university will best fit our personal interests and us. But, whatever be it, make a renowned university your place for the ultimate knowledge. The selection of the top colleges should fulfill certain factors, which you need to keep in mind while choosing a college for your higher education:

•  Accreditation- Education is what you need to have value with. If you wish to have a degree, settle for one, which has value in the market. However, make sure that the educational institution or the collage you choose is accredited. Accreditation is necessary as it sets it itself a quality standard and is recognized nationally.
•   Academics- The factor, which is of great importance, but comes after the accreditation is the reputation of academic department(s).
•   Faculty- Faculties are the backbone, so settle for the top colleges, not only by looking at the background of the college, but also about the faculties there.
•  Placement- Placement falls under a prime thing, when it comes to technical colleges. Choose a college with better record in campus recruitments.
•  Location- Location matters, as collage is a place you have to attend each day, so choose according to your convenience.
•  Majors- The major is the primary course of study that you choose while attending college. A wrong selection can change the entire course of your life, so be aware and sure of what you choose.
There are several good colleges in our country. Choose the top colleges in Delhi NCR, and other important places. SRM fulfills all the above criterion and has turned out to be a leading college with multiple educational streams.

Why SRM:

Being one of the leading educational groups, SRM recognizes value of quality education. This university is approved by UGC and by Union HRD Ministry in 2002- 2003. With an accreditation from the NAAC, SRM University ranks No. 1 in multiple streams.

SRM offers:

•    Anti- ragging committees
•    Vast library
•    Great campus
•    Professional faculties
•    Great hostel facilities
•    Remarkable placement
•    Recruitments held by MNCs like TCS, IBM etc.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pursue Education in the right UGC Recognized University

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela                                
Education has a vast role to play in today’s world. With many variations to choose from, there is a broad spectrum in the field of education with several multi-dimensional subjects. There is no dearth of institutions in a country like India. However,the students seeking higher education needs to enter the universities with proper AICTE and UGC approval as graduating from UGC approved universities would count.

AICTE and UGC are the two apex organizations that cater for higher studies in India. AICTE is a national- level council for technical education and UGC stands for University Grants Commission, which is greatly popular among students but among the people in education business. This statutory organization was set up to determine, coordinate, and maintain the university education standards in the entire country.

  •     Approval from UGC recognized universities mandates certain features and enhances the quality of study experience.
  •     Along with funding provided by the UGC also receives assured standard maintenance.
  •     Serves as a vital link between the state and the union government with its degree issuance and regulations.
  •     Teaching methodologies and framing of policies, rules and regulation highly regulated and the students receive a minimum mandatory standard education. 

India is emerging as the greatest source of education on the global face of the good education centres offering professional courses and higher studies. Get to choose UGC recognized universities in India to pursue your education further. Your choice of university will add up to your portfolio, thus be very careful before settling for one.Also, select the subject wisely, as they are the most integral part of your eminent progress. As very rightly said by Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon, with which one can even change the world. If you are educated enough yourself, then only you will be able to cope up with the situations and offer to transform the world.

SRM University and its glory:

The significance of higher studies in our lives need not be ascertained, as we already are well aware of the power of knowledge. SRM group of educational institutions recognizes the value of quality education and involve experience faculties, who are admired and well acclaimed in their respective subjects. This university is an integral part of 40 years old SRM group of Educational Institutions in varied frontiers and is UGC and Union HRD Ministry approved.  According to The Times of India, SRM is considered to be to be ranked India’s No 1 multiple stream - Medical and engineering.  According to Outlook Magazine, SRM stands within the top five institutions in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, SRM has international associations with universities and colleges in UK, Korea, USA, Switzerland, and New Zealand, etc.

SRM University offers:

  •     Great infrastructure
  •     Quality education system
  •     Qualified and experienced faculty
  •     UGC and Union HRD Ministry approved
  •     Great hostel facilities
  •     Amazing college campus
  •     Multiple subject options